The Experience Magazine

The Experience Magazine is an online platform designed to highlight and promote the arts and the lifestyle that accompanies it. We project our own style and social awareness through various arenas in the world of art; such as fine arts, graphic design, photography, spoken wmusic, and fashion. We provide a stepping stone for an array of young talented geniuses to share their work with the world. Everyone, including the staff, have the opportunity to shine. We hope that our efforts will introduce something new, providing an experience that inspires all.

We are an independent publication competing in an intense market full of platforms similar. We are constantly looking for new ways to crack through the walls and stand in the forefront in a market that is also rather polluted with uninspired or sensationalized information. We also look to provide people with an actual magazine and not a blog posing as one. The magazine is filled with stories of hardships turned triumph, beautiful imagery, and a desire to change the world. We feel it is our duty to make the world a better place one issue at a time. It is more than a magazine, that's why we are called Experience.

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