The Sunrise Kingdom 2

Kingdom of Art

Last Sunday, January 15th, The Experience Magazine hosted, the Sunrise Kingdom, a visual arts party at the Bronx Museum of Art.

The sounds of rap and spoken word poetry blended with the paint and canvases on the walls speaking on the roots of African Ancestry, contemporary Black and Latino culture, New York and Bronx pride. The event featured more than 20 emerging NYC based artists and performers that were brought together by the Experience Magazine, a publication dedicated to supporting emerging artists. 

The walls were covered with colorful canvases of contemporary works. On the floor, products were being sold by small local businesses such as the Bronx Native, a clothing company, and NaturaleeNSatiable, a spa product company. 

The room was filled with people connecting with one another and the art on view. As the records were being spun by DJ See No Evil, the show was hosted by Jay Stone and Kitty Leigh, editors of the Experience Magazine. With all the upcoming artists and fresh creators in the room, this event was quite a memorable experience.             

- Artsy Window